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Important Notice: Temporary closure: A response to COVID-19

After careful consideration, Dr. David Lin and Dr. Simon Holland have made the decision to close the clinic starting March 20, 2020 until further notice. We will continue to respond to urgent and emergency cases.

We intend to monitor the situation closely and follow the recommendations of the Health Ministries and Centre for Disease Control. We will also continue to sanitize the clinic and maintain our meticulous protocol during closure so we’d be ready to provide the best service to our patients when we re-open.

Hopefully, we will have a positive update soon.

Pacific Laser Eye Centre COVID-19 Protocol

At Pacific Laser Eye Centre, we are continually monitoring and updating our protocol and are doing our best to maintain a sanitized and safe environment for our patients, employees and visitors.

As part of maintaining our high standards, we use a medical-grade cleaning solution to disinfect the clinic. We’ve also increased our frequency of disinfection, not only within our clinic but in public areas like the elevators and lobby. Extra attention is paid to high touch areas (e.g. door handles, arms of chairs, taps, elevator buttons etc) for added precaution.

Patients are pre-screened for COVID-19 prior to arriving. We ask those who have recently traveled outside of Canada within the last 14 days, regardless of the exhibition of symptoms, to not present themselves at the clinic and please call or email us to reschedule their appointment.

What to expect as you arrive at our clinic:

  • - Patients and visitors are now asked to sanitize their hands immediately upon arrival
  • - Patients and visitors will be given a mask upon arrival
  • - Temperature of patient and visitor will be taken
  • - Until further notice, only one person is allowed to accompany the patient on any appointment (consult, pre-op, procedure, post ops)
  • - You are asked not to bring any food or drinks to the clinic
  • - For social distancing, we are placing our patients and visitors at arm’s length
  • - Patients and their company will be reminded to properly wash hands and refrain from touching their face, especially when handling eye drops

Please be advised also that our staff is trained to diligently maintain safety protocols. In addition, our procedure offered is a no-touch laser correction. Unlike LASIK, we do not utilize keratomes or create incisions.

Please do not hesitate to contact our clinic for any further information.


Pacific Laser Eye Centre has remained at the forefront of laser refractive procedures - it was the first centre in British Columbia to introduce PRK in 1991. PLEC then became one of the first centres in the world to treat patients with LASIK in 1994 and FEMTO Lasik in 2005. Constantly striving to improve the safety of laser refractive procedures, Dr. Lin and Dr. Holland have now progressed to the safest, least invasive techniques to date. Most recently, in conjunction with the engineers at Schwind Eye Tech Solutions, our doctors have developed Smart Pulse Technology which evolved to the SmartSurfACE Laser Procedure(SLP).

Swhind Laser Machine

About SmartSurfACE Laser Procedure(SLP)

SmartSurfACE Laser Procedure is a completely touch-less procedure – no scraping, no cuts, no incisions, no alcohol. The SmartSurfACE refractive laser system operates at 1000Hz (versus the traditional 400Hz). The laser utilizes a 7 directional ocular movement tracking system which results in perfectly centered treatments even if you have difficulty holding still during the procedure. Treatment time is approximately 40 seconds per eye, longer with higher prescriptions. This one step "trans-epithelial" procedure offers higher safety compared to Lasik, with no flap complications, no intra-stromal complications, and no risk of ectasia (excessive weakening of the cornea). This is also associated with faster visual recovery compared to traditional PRK.

SmartSurfACE is suitable for all patients who want to see clearly without the hindrance of contact lenses or glasses. It is suitable for patients who play active sports and patients with thin corneas or complex corneal topographies (maps), such as with keratoconus. The efficiency of this advanced laser allows doctors to treat almost all levels of myopia in the safest manner possible.