About Us


Pacific Laser Eye Centre has remained at the forefront of laser refractive surgery - it was the first centre in British Columbia to introduce PRK in 1991. PLEC then became one of the first centres in the world to treat patients with LASIK in 1994 and FEMTO Lasik in 2005. Constantly thriving to improve the safety of refractive surgery, Dr. Lin and Dr. Holland have now progressed to the safest, least invasive surgical techniques to date. Most recently, in conjunction with the engineers at Schwind Eye Tech Solutions, our surgeons have developed Smart Pulse Technology which evolved to SmartSurfACE PRK.

SmartSurfACE PRK is a completely touchless procedure – no scraping, no cuts, no incisions, no alcohol. The SmartSurfACE refractive laser system operates at 1000Hz (versus the traditional 400Hz). The laser utilizes a 7 directional ocular movement tracking system which results in perfectly centered treatments even if you have difficulty holding still during surgery. Treatment time is approximately 40 seconds per eye, longer with higher prescriptions. This one step trans-epithelial procedure offers higher safety compared to Lasik, with no flap complications, no intra-stromal complications, and no risk of ectasia (excessive weakening of the cornea). This is also associated with faster visual recovery compared with traditional PRK.

SmartSurfACE PRK is suitable for all patients who want to see clearly without the hindrance of contact lenses or glasses. It is suitable for patients who play active sports, patients with thin corneas or complex corneal topographies, such as keratoconus. The efficiency of this advanced laser allows our surgeons to treat almost all levels of myopia and low/moderate hyperopia in the safest manner possible.